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We have largest range of salts for different use. Here is some of them. Please let us know if you need other type of salts.

Packing types / Private Labeling and customised product is possible.


- Himalayan Crystal Salt [Edible / Bath in different granule size]

- Black Salt / Indian Kala Namak [Edible in different granule size]

- Low sodium Salt

- Sodium Free Salt

- Natural Lake salt

- Epsom Salt

- Sea Salt Edible [ Free flow iodized / non iodized]

- Natural Sea Salt [Bubble Salt / Flossy Salt / Table grinder crystal / Whole Salt]

- Meat Curing Salt
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Himalayan Crystal Salt, Black Salt / Indian Kala Namak, Low sodium Salt, Sodium Free Salt, Natural Lake salt, Epsom Salt, Sea Salt Edible, Natural Sea Salt, Meat Curing Salt