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  Natural Sea Salt


Natural sea salt is unprocessed sea salt for different use. Basically free from chemicals and anti-caking agents. We have following sizes in the natural sea salt. It can be used in fishing industry, bath salt production, textile industry, lather processing industry and other use.

- uncrushed
- up to 1 mm
- 1 mm to 2 mm
- 2 mm to 3 mm
- 3 mm to 5 mm

Contents and Special Features


Salt is the flavor enhancer.It transforms our food. Natural sea salt is unrefined, hand-harvested, solar dried, pure. Table salt is processed, stripped of all trace minerals, leaving the subtle nuances of flavor behind. The cubed texture is uniform. Iodine and non-caking agents are added to prevent clumping which lend a bitter, acrid flavor.Natural sea salt has its trace minerals left intact giving a richer, more complex flavor than table salt and there are no additives. The texture of natural sea salt varies from region to region, harvester to harvester and is surprisingly different around the world.

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