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In 1960s traditional village farming was the only major factor contributing to Indian economy. Taking benefit of this, our honorary chair person, started mechanizing his operations and in a short time gained momentum and expertise in groundnut oil production. Soon expansion became imperative and in 1970s company achieved an esteemed position in the market with its quality products.

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  • Zen Macleod
    .“I am so pleased! I was getting leg cramps, sometimes severely, and I started taking a teaspoon of the Himalayan Salt Solé solution in a glass of water every morning and my leg cramps are gone.”
    Zen Macleod
  • Jennifer Winget
    “My 1 ½ yr old son developed Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. I tried all the usual cures over a few days, but they didn’t ease the condition or the discomfort level my son was in. Then a friend told me about the skin healing properties obtained from a Himalayan crystal bath salt and, after soaking my son in one of these baths for 20 minutes, another friend and I visibly watched his skin turn back to normal. The blister-like bumps went down, the redness went away, my son’s pain went away and then he began to smile. It was incredible! I am telling everyone about these healing Salt of Himalaya Crystal Salt, which I’ve coined ‘Magic Baths’
    Jennifer Winget
  • Bret Enemark
    “Himalayan Crystal Salt changed my life.”
    Bret Enemark
  • Neha Shrivastav
    "You guys are the best in everyway, Product, Customer Service, and Professionals for sure. I will be sure to spread the word that the place to get Himalayan Salt is from you. Thanks again for everything especially the very quick delivery".
    Neha Shrivastav
  • Sussane Dcosta
    "I had ordered the medium crystal lamp and it was a gift that I had your company ship directly to the recipient. He got the lamp today and loved it. I had him send me a picture of it and its awesome".
    Sussane Dcosta
  • Kinjal Mehta
    "I really like it, This is good for whole family,my kids loved the salad now n everything without fear with adding this salt to try this product".
    Kinjal Mehta


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