Low Sodium Salt

HeartCare ( Low sodium salt) is a Low in sodium content.

What is Low sodium salt?

A low-sodium food additive that tastes like salt and is used as a dietary alternative to salt. A salt substitute contains less sodium that some people want to avoid. Excess sodium in the diet is linked to many health concerns. Doctors often recommend a low / no sodium intake to their patients. Reducing salt intake is one of several ways that people may lower their blood pressure. The relationship between salt intake and blood pressure is direct and progressive without an apparent threshold. Reducing blood pressure, ideally to the normal range, reduces the risk of heart failure stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

Contents and Special Features

HeartCare salt is specially developed to reduce sodium % starting from 10% to 66% low. It is a blend of Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Minerals, Calcium Chloride etc.

  • Same Taste.
  • Same Texture / Color.
  • Same saltiness [use 1:1 like normal table salt].
  • Less sodium and potassium. Added useful minerals and iodine.
  • Not Highly hygroscpic.
  • Natural Alternative to salt.
  • No YPS [Yellow prussiate of soda] like regular table salt and harmful chemicals

For further details and private labeling contact us. We also offer customized product and packing as per your need.

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