Private Labeling

At Sundaram Overseas Operation Products, our heritage is in private labeling, and it continues to be what we do best. In addition to our program, we also offer basic private labeling services which continue to be the majority of our business. In keeping with our continuing effort to be the leader in private branding in the industry, we are pleased to offer the following private label benefits at our standard pricing.

  • Multi Color printing standard.
  • Quality adhesive label.
  • Domestic language and design printing.
  • Innovative and ergonomic various size pack.
  • Affordable minimum order quantities.

Our Products Your Brand

We are manufacturer of many products and have good packing and sourcing network. You can get it packed from us. Even you can import any product from India under your label. Just supply the product to us and we will make retail packs for you. Our design team can develop packing as per your needs.

Why Private Labeling

  • Increase your profit.
  • Client retention.
  • Brand equity.
  • Prestige.
  • Thinking big.